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Red Lane, Abbotsbury

We had a successful session at Red Lane, Abbotsbury this week especially as the sun shone and the small team of DIGS members (6) did a great job.

Thanks to Andy, Ian, Malcolm Paul, Roger and Alan for turning out and making a difference.

Work in Progress
A Good Exposure

West Hill Chalk Pit Clearance

We made excellent progress at West Hill Chalk Pit yesterday with the Magnificent Four (not Seven unfortunately) and the site is again in good condition.

Conditions were ideal for the conservation work being relatively dry underfoot allowing removal of weeds on the rock faces. A big thank you to Geoff, Paul, Roger and Alan.

Start of Clearance
Final Result

Conservation Session at Holt Farm Quarry

We had a successful conservation session today at Holt Farm Quarry.

Roger arrived early and cleared the vegetation easing access to the site. Andy, Geoff (Rowland), Malcolm, Paul and Alan worked on the rock faces clearing some tree material and removing a lot of moss. Roger continued with the brush cutter so the whole site is now a lot tidier and more accessible.

We were visited by a couple of local residents which was nice.

Holt Farm start
Holt Farm finish